Hi Orla I love your writing, you're not really a merchant of Chaos though... perhaps you're untangling chaos... because your lists (above) are very useful and the reason why I'm subscribing to you here. Minds have been lost because there has not been any balanced debate or space for people to share opinion. The government overreach has dumbed so many people down through censorship, propaganda and blacklisting that they want to replace intelligent common sense arguement with AI speak is infuriating. I have not received any responses to countless letters that I have sent to both newspapers and to government ministers. This is all part of a nefarious agenda to shut down our right to have our say, our right to be listened to, and our right to be taken seriously. instead they will farm us all to an Ai chatbot who will feed us standard answers and push us aside. I was proud of my son when he told me that there is a restaurant in Dublin that he will not be supporting, even though it looks just like his style. Why? Because they have an Ai gallery and he will not support anything that is pushing human artists to one side in favour of Ai. There is hope. And that is where I will focus my energy. Hope you and baby are doing well! Much love xxAbby

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Oct 17, 2023·edited Oct 17, 2023Author

Heya Abby, great to hear from you! They are doing great - thriving thankfully 🙂. I am not against AI and I am still hopeful that we can leverage technology as a resource for positive change but it will take a radical societal shift in values that I am not sure is coming any time soon. I have to admit though, I do choose my services now by their customer support over their product features and that is an interesting shift - it is their humanity that adds the greatest value for me regardless of how advanced their tech is.

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